It is a national ministry, sponsored by the American Baptist Churches, USA, which strives to empower women and girls to become Christ’s representatives, both at home and abroad.



ABWM is women and girls who care about one another and about spreading Christ’s message throughout the globe.  We serve Christ best by doing and serving, praying ceaselessly, and working to provide both funds and goods to those who need them most.  All female members of American Baptist Churches are automatically members of ABWM and are encouraged to serve that organization in any way their hearts and talents lead.


WHY is there an ABWM?

Everywhere you look, there are needs--within our own communities, in our state, in our country, and around the globe.  People need basics, like food, clothing, medical supplies, clean water.  Children and adults need schools and training centers to improve the quality of their lives. They also need intangibles like hope, friendship, security, and a deep and abiding relationship with Christ whose everlasting love sustains us through even the greatest trials of life.

ABWM seeks to meet those needs by connecting with our brothers and sisters throughout the world, as well as with those in our own backyard.  We make a difference in the lives and souls of those we serve, and we do so with humility, and with gratitude to the God we serve for blessing us with the talents and resources we need to get the job done.


HOW can I get involved?

Our ladies meet in the Fellowship Hall on the first Thursday of each month, Sept-Dec, and Feb-June.  The February and March meetings are designated at “White Cross Workshops” where we make the bulk of the bandages, lap quilts, and other items we send to missions.  At the remaining meetings, we make plans for an assortment of special collections and fundraisers to support our missions work, as well as for social outings and parties--particularly for Christmas and Mother’s Day--to allow us to get to know one another better in a light-hearted setting.  Come join us any time!

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