The Diaconate is the spiritual backbone of the church. Numbering between six and nine men and women in any given year, they are elected from among the members of the congregation for overlapping three year terms. They oversee all aspects of worship and personal ministry within our church and the community, working closely with our pastor in organizing and planning the Sunday morning worship service as well as any other special services which are planned throughout the year, particularly during the Easter and Christmas seasons.

Each has his or her own Shepherd’s List of names of members and friends of the church with whom they keep in contact so that they can respond quickly as needs arise. Each month, following the observance of Communion, they take up a special love offering. These monies are used whenever someone in the church or community reaches out to us because of financial need.

On the first Sunday of each month, they collect food and other items to donate to the local food pantry, Highland Area Christian Service Ministry (HACSM). The Deacons also organize an annual Harvest Home celebration on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, collecting foodstuffs and purchasing turkeys which are then distributed to the neediest families in the area.

All in all, through their dedication and devotion to the spiritual health of the church, the Deacons provide us with a living example of Christ’s love on this earth which we, as a congregation, are then challenged to follow.


The Diaconate members are:

Brenda Ford - Chair

Bob Boxell

Jim Brown

Marlene Huelsmann

Than Myint

Adrian Rogier

Everett Rogier

Ron Scaggs



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